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“Looking forward…”

As I look back into the last year,

The first thing that I can think of is the fear,

Fear of illness, fear of meeting people, fear of losing lives,

All that kept me going was the strength to keep moving & just thrive.

The year took a lot of loved ones away,

Oh! I just can’t explain the misery I felt each day,

Just kept asking myself again and again,

Was there any way we could help them sustain.

How I wish they were still here with me around,

I can still hear some voices and some sounds,

With so many questions unanswered and so many doubts,

I have been upset, distressed, restless throughout.

But then deep down a voice speaks

“Get up, get going, be strong, come on….

This is the cycle of life and you will have to move on,

Their memories will always stay with you forever,

Instead now just understand how fragile life is than ever.

And now is the time, a moment to be grateful to all,

For being there with you and helping you stand tall,

Spend more time, and value the ones around,

With their love and support, there is a new Spirit to live, that I have found.

Written by: Mudrika Awasthi

The art piece has been created in response to the post by Aisha Awasthi ©MudrikaAwasthiIADMT2021