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Code of conduct

As a professional member of the IADMT, I agree and commit to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

  • Professional members of The IADMT are expected to act lawfully, honestly, and ethically.
  • Professional members are requested to use their affiliation with The IADMT lawfully, honestly, and ethically.
  • Professional members are expected to represent themselves accurately (in accordance with the title claim provided to them by their respective institutions), and represent their skill sets in the capacity in which they can provide services (in accordance with their training). For information on how IADMT has allocated titles, please refer to the website.
  • Professional members can use the IADMT logo ONLY upon consent and prior authorisation from the General Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Members in Charge.
  • Professional members are expected to function from a position of fundamental respect for all clients.
  • Professional members, in their own practices, are expected to not discriminate in the provision of professional services, with regard to but not limited to race, ethnicity, cultural practices (language, dietary preferences etc.), national origin, religion and caste, age, gender identity and expression, marital status, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, appearance, and physical or mental ability.
  • Professional members are expected to engage in continuous professional development activities which focus on multicultural competencies and cultural humility (e.g.: diversity, inclusion, social justice, etc.).
  • Professional members are expected to not misuse any funds released by the Association for their personal gain.
  • Professional members are expected to engage in ethical practice, including but not limited to consent and confidentiality, integrity in therapy relationship, research and scholarship, professional competency and responsibility etc. The Code of Ethics will further detail the ethical standards.
  • Professional members are requested and expected to abide by the IADMT vision, mission, code of conduct, and values.
  • This code is subject to change and may be amended, supplemented, or superseded by one or more separate policies. If any part of this code conflicts with local laws or regulations, only the sections of this code permitted by applicable laws and regulations will apply.