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Let’s Rewind

Hi there! Welcome to my movement memory space! Today I’ll be sharing a small glimpse of our time together! Let’s rewind, shall we? A place, we call it our space..… Read…
Bansi Modi Kotak

Haikus for ‘Me’!

My identity, Is, in my Self, my body; My movement is me. Clothes wear off with time. Emotions slip. What is prime? Me and my body. Sun and moon are… Read…
Shravani Purandare

The Power of the Body

“My body is a repository, one of memories, stories and treasures, I hold onto them often, and forget sometimes of the value they hold; I dive into the chambers of… Read…
Anchal Sood.001

Coming Home to the Self, to the Body

The door shuts behind me, the clang of the key rings out as I drop them into the bowl. A cloud of dust, before it settles. In the sudden silence,… Read…

What Is My Body Saying?

The human body is a true symbol of resilience and intelligence. From the moment we are born until we die, our body is among the only guaranteed constants that journey with… Read…