Choices and responses

What is right and what is wrong? Is there a right and wrong? Or are these just labels, definitions that make it easier for us to fit in and belong.…
Aarohi Doshi

Stuck Un-stuck

What is movement? Movement is anything that frees me from being stuck, pushes me towards growth, and inspires me to find new pathways. I have realised that change takes place…

Let’s Rewind

Hi there! Welcome to my movement memory space! Today I’ll be sharing a small glimpse of our time together! Let’s rewind, shall we? A place, we call it our space..…
Bansi Modi Kotak

Haikus for ‘Me’!

My identity, Is, in my Self, my body; My movement is me. Clothes wear off with time. Emotions slip. What is prime? Me and my body. Sun and moon are…